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The Round Table

New in 2013 was the Round Table segment. In this occasional segment, Rossi is joined by guests Tom Gaylord, Jim Chapman, and Rick Eutsler for discussions on different airgun topics including hunting, PCPs, CO2, springers, and more.


2014 Round Table Crew






The Round Table Segments are back bigger and better than ever.  This year we have the old crew back starting with Tom Gaylord, or as we call him “The Godfather,” Jim Chapman from American Airgun Hunter, and last and most possibly least, our resident “Airgun Critic” Rick Eutsler from  But we didn’t stop there.  Join us this season to see what kind of trouble the guys at the Round Table can get into!

Airgun Hunts

In episodes where there is not a Round Table, Steve Criner and Rossi may be hunting for various game. Air rifle hunting proves to be a challenge as much of the time airgun hunters have to get closer to their quarry, which takes knowledge and skill.

More hunts… that’s all you need to know about what’s in store for the next season of American Airgunner.  We’ve got some big bore action, some small bore action, and who knows what else the producers may yet be able to cram in to the season.

The Airgunner Challenge

2013Contestants-2013The 2012 Airgunner contestants dug deep for strategy, accuracy, breathing and trigger control. They made targets explode, punch and knock down. Only one shot his way to the top honor  — the first ever American Airgunner Challenge Winner, Donnie Williams. In 2013, six new contestants try their airgun shooting skills in an “explosive” competition for $5000 and the top honor of THE American Airgunner.

Around Airguns

In 2013, we took you to places like Fresno, California for a West Coast trade show focused on airguns and Arnsberg, Germany where we explored Umarex. We also learned about 10 meter air rifle competition, how self defense trainers suggest training with airguns, and how we do that cool slow motion footage.



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