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Always check local, state, and federal laws before hunting any kind of game. Be certain you know which game and which locations are permissible. For all edible game, always clean and consume it or donate it for safe consumption. For more information on nuisance birds like starling, sparrow, and pigeon, >> click here <<.

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I’m usually an energy junkie and want to get as much energy out of a pellet gun as I can, but when hunting squirrels, I’m more concerned about getting a flat trajectory since I’m shooting past 30 yards. To do that, you have to find the right pellet for your particular gun.

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There are various ways to sight in a scope on a pellet rifle. The demonstration shown in Episode 3 is a basic method. Here are some videos and articles of other ways to sight in a scope:

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My wife has a Taurus P709 Slim she carries concealed. I think the use of air pistols would make for great low cost training that would translate into firearms very easily. We could train in our backyard and save some money. Could you point me in the right direction as to what would best mimic the firearm counterpart?

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