Firearm Education for Children

Firearm Education for Children

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Could you recommend some good air rifles and pistols that I could use to educate my young children who will later transition to firearms?

While there’s no “perfect fit” counterparts between firearms and airguns, here are some suggestions that may be helpful in your quest to find the right airguns to use as training aids.

Finding just the right BB or pellet action pistol for smaller hands was until a few years ago, very difficult to find on the market. The replicas offered by Umarex such as the Walther PPK/s and Makarov BB Pistol have been two that have been recommended to others who want to teach their young ones. Their compact size, weight, metal parts and realistic action helps children understand that these are indeed not toys, and contributes to the overall learning experience. The blow-back recoil action of the CO2 powered Walther PPK’s metal slide is impressive, and will help teach them what to expect in the firing behavior (albeit much easier to handle) of a semi automatic; the slide even locks back when the magazine is empty! The Makarov’s compact size will give you an alternative to the PPK/s without the blow-back action. Both are fine but affordable replicas.