Is it a magazine or a clip?

Is it a magazine or a clip?

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The July issue of GUNS Magazine aims to clear up the confusion with a column from expert gun writer, Mike Venturino entitled, “Not Just Bullets: Ammunition and Ammunition Feeding Facts.”

In the article, Venturino points out that some vintage guns do use clips to load cartridges into a gun, but they are not the same as magazines. “Clips for holding ammunition do exist. They are specifically called ‘stripper clips’ or ‘charger clips.’ Such clips are not attached to the firearm. Magazines are from where ammunition is fed into a firearm’s chamber. There are integral box magazines such as in bolt-action rifles and tubular magazines such as attached under the barrels of lever-action rifles. Then there are detachable magazines used in all sorts of different firearms including the modern sporting rifle.”

There’s difference in opinion on whether the rotary pellet holders for airguns, such as the one in the image on this page, are “magazines” or “clips”. Our friend and airgun industry expert, Tom Gaylord, says that, “Rotary pellet holders are clips. A clip doesn’t have a spring that feeds the next round into the gun.” On the other hand, Umarex USA told us that Mike Venturino stated, “Since the rotary pellet holder goes into the air pistol, I’d call it a magazine.”

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