Steve Criner Hunts with Airguns for American Airgunner

Steve Criner Hunts with Airguns for American Airgunner

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FORT SMITH, AR (January 10, 2013)—The number of outdoorsmen using airguns to hunt with is on the rise and Steve Criner is among those ranks as American Airgunner’s hunting correspondent for its 2013 season. Criner is a hunting personality, best known for his success as a predator hunter, who has owned and used airguns since childhood for both recreation and hunting.

Criner and Executive Producer of American Airgunner, Justin Biddle, have been talking for a couple of months about the various air rifle and quarry possibilities for 2013. “Criner has already been in the field with a big bore air rifle.” said Biddle. “What I can say for sure is that coyote is on the slate for 2013 and we’re planning for something a little larger, you’ll just have to tune in for that one.”

Steve Criner is no stranger to hunting. He is the 2010 World Champion Predator Caller, served as a pro staffer for Hunters Specialties® for a number of years, and is now the creator of Dog Soldier, a brand aimed at empowering predator hunters to pursue their passion. “I’ve always been a hunter. I love predator hunting and I’ve done some hunting with airguns, mostly on my own time.” said Criner, “Working with the guys at American Airgunner just makes me an official airgun hunter and I’m excited to show our viewers what can be done with today’s airguns.”

“I can’t wait to see our host, Rossi Morreale, and Steve Criner on screen together. With Steve’s expertise and Rossi’s energy, American Airgunner viewers are going to be unknowingly educated while being entertained.” said Mike Hart, owner of 5 Star Productions and director of American Airgunner.

New episodes of American Airgunner 2013 will begin in July and will take viewers across the country for a look at different shooting disciplines including air rifle competition, recreational shooting, friendly challenges, airgun hunting, and product reviews as well as tech tips and discussions about current technologies that power today’s airguns.

American Airgunner began airing in 2008 and its 2012 season is currently re-airing on the Pursuit Channel via DISH Network channel 240, DIRECTV channel 604 and select cable networks. Check local listings for air times and follow American Airgunner on FacebookYouTube and at

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