About the 2013 American Airgunner Challenge: 

American Airgunner TV, title sponsored by Umarex USA and Pyramyd Air, will be airing the most explosive Airgunner Challenge ever seen on television. In this season’s challenge you’ll witness six contestants from five different states strategizing on how to shoot a variety of airguns with the goal of winning a $5000 cash prize from Umarex USA.

The six contestants—Amanda Smith, Bob Davy, Chris Martin, Jason Baggett, Mike Suchman, and Tristan Overgaard—come from five different states: Arkansas, California, Michigan, Missouri, and Wyoming. These shooters bring skills and backgrounds that vary widely: retired military and police, self-taught airgunners, leisure shooters, and a professional competitive fisherman.

These are your 2013 contestants of the 2nd ever American Airgunner Challenge:

Robert Davy

Bob Davy

A Missouri resident and shooter for nearly 60 years. Two tours in Vietnam with the U.S. Navy. Military rifle and pistol competitor. Former police officer. Read Bob’s full bio >> 




Amanda SmithAmanda Smith

Inspired by dad to be a shooter. Before American Airgunner she mostly shot 12 gauge and .45 caliber firearms. A resident of Arkansas she’s a wife and mom who enjoys spending time with her family. Read Amanda’s full bio >>




Chris Martin

Originally trained in the Army to shoot rifles in the infantry all of Chris’s airgun knowledge and shooting prowess are self-taught. He resides in Wyoming and shoots airguns and firearms every weekend. Read Chris’s full bio >>




Mike Suchman

A retired U.S. Marine, Mike, a father of two ventured into the world of airguns after sustaining multiple head injuries. He owns a few different airguns and shoots as often as the weather allows in his home state of Michigan. Read Mike’s full bio >>



Jason BaggettJason Baggett

Born and raised in Western Arkansas, he’s a professional fisherman who’s been involved in the outdoor industry since age 19. While his airgun experience is mostly limited to his youth, he’s proficient with a shotgun. Read Jason’s full bio  >>




Mr. Loco Tristan OvergaardTristan Overgaard

Known on the West Coast as “Mr. Loco”, he’s a family man and an avid shooter of both firearms and airguns from California. He’s been shooting since a young age with a BB gun and now shoots CO2 action pistols most often. Check out Mr. Loco’s full bio >>