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The Round Table at the Range

The Round Table segment has been popular for its information packed content since its implementation in 2013. In the 2017 season we take it to the range for hands-on discussion, experimentation, and friendly shooting competition. Rossi Morreale is joined by guests Tom Gaylord, Jim Chapman, Joe Brancato, and Tyler Patner for discussions on different airgun topics including hunting, PCPs, CO2, springers, and more.

Airgun Hunting

Many of us need to put meat on the table. Some of us just need to control nuisanse pests to protect our ranch, farm, and garden investments. Rossi, Jim Chapman, and Steve Criner go on hunts for various game. Air rifle hunting proves to be a challenge as much of the time airgun hunters have to get closer to their quarry, which takes knowledge and skill. Sometimes, as you’ll see in our 2017 season, you gotta climb a mountain to get to your game.

The Airgunner Challenge

2013Contestants-2013The 2012 Airgunner contestants dug deep for strategy, accuracy, breathing and trigger control. They made targets explode, punch and knock down. Only one shot his way to the top honor  — the first ever American Airgunner Challenge Winner, Donnie Williams. In 2013, six new contestants tried their airgun shooting skills in an “explosive” competition for $5000 and the top honor of THE American Airgunner. We’re thinking about bringing this back! If you’re interested, let us know through our contact us page.

Want to Share Your Airgun Experience With us?

We’ve done some traveling to various states and even to Germany. We want to do more. Do you have an airgun hunting honey hole? A large airgun club? A big airgun event. Let us know so we can consider a trip to your area or event. Submit through our contact us page.