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All About Air Gun Scopes

Rossi Morreale and air gun experts Tom Gaylord the Godfather of Airguns, Jim Chapman the American Airgun Hunter and Tyler Patner from Pyramyd Air all talk “how to” about Scope Adjustments when shooting air rifles in this information-packed round table originally seen on Pursuit Channel. American Airgunner and its host and guests brings the forums […]

Crazy Easy Air Rifle Scope Sight In

You have to check out this new device, the Absolute Zero. It’s a precision sight-in instrument that uses two lasers to form a triangulation with the laser and point of impact. It makes sighting in your rifle real easy. Using two precision lasers it guarantees you hold your rifle in the exact same place for […]

How to Hunt with Airguns

Watch and listen to airgun expert from American Airgunner TV Show to learn how, what, and when to hunt with airgun. Find when they say the first recorded hunt with an airgun took place. Which quarry can be hunted with airguns. Hear about the “bullets” used for a .458 Quackenbush air rifle. Where should you […]

Airguns for Self Defense

Would you use an airgun for self defense? You can buy replica air pistols and handguns for self defense practice and handgun training drills from companies like http://www.UmarexUSA.com. This is just one #AirgunnerTV video on the subject about utilizing air powered guns to train and practice self defense techniques and handgun drills. Airguns can be […]