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American Airgunner | Airgun Hunting for Bear

Hunting Bear With Airguns On this episode of American Airgunner, Brad Fenson is airgun hunting for spring bear with Grand Slam Adventure’s based in Central Alberta in the Boreal Forest region. For this hunt, Brad has chosen the Umarex Hammer. If you like to hunt dangerous game up close and personal then the Umarex Hammer […]

American Airgunner | Airgun Hunting Fallow Deer

Hunting Fallow Deer With Airguns On this episode of American Airgunner, Jim Chapman is airgun hunting for fallow deer in north Texas with Executive Outdoor Adventures. Jim’s choice of airgun for this hunt is the Umarex Hammer .50 PCP with a 315 grain Montana bullet. The Hammer is an airgun full of innovation, its power which […]

American Airgunner | Lethal Air Big Bore Hunt

Hunting With Big Bore Airguns? On this episode of American Airgunner, Rossi is taking his dad Roscoe airgun hunting for the first time ever. The guys are hunting at the Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve in West Virginia for the first ever Lethal Air Big Bore Hunt.  Roscoe is coming off of rotator cuff surgery just […]

Ataman Airgun Review | American Airgunner TV

Ataman M2R Airgun Review In this episode of American Airgunner, Rossi is reviewing the Ataman M2R airgun collection manufactured out of Russia. The Ataman airgun is of good quality and is a competitor in the higher end market of airgun brands. Their M2 air rifle platform is something that airgunners are drawn to because of […]

Airguns vs. Bison? | American Airgunner TV

Bison Hunting With Airguns Rossie meets up with big game hunter Steve Scott to hunt the biggest land mammal in North America…the bison! The airgun of choice for this hunt is the .50 caliber, Umarex Hammer. The crew scoured the terrain and landscape seeking the perfect shot opportunity. After a 25 yard standoff, Steve gets […]

What Is Long-Range For An Airgun?

Long-Range Airgun Shooting In this episode of American Airgunner, Rossi is joined by fellow airgun enthusiasts Tom “The Godfather” Gaylord, Jim Chapman, and Tyler Patner for a roundtable discussion on long-range shooting with airguns. Each individual in this discussion brings a unique perspective to the discussion.  Tom is a wealth of general knowledge, Jim has […]

Pyramyd Air Cup

The Pyramyd Air Cup Competition If you’re into shooting airguns the 2019 Pyramyd Air Cup is a weekend you want to be part of! Throughout the weekend there are multiple competitions, great people, great food, and lots of FUN! The 2019 Pyramyd Air Cup will be held August 23-25, 2019 at Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio. […]

Hog Hunting From Helicopters With Airguns

Airgunning Hogs From Helicopters On this episode of American Airgunner Rossi is hunting hogs from a helicopter in Texas with good friends Eydin Hansen of the Texas Hog Hunters Association and Andy Anderson of Executive Outdoor Adventures. The hog population in Texas is high and the damage done to crops and pasture can get out […]

Airgun Scope Mount Reviews | BKL Technologies Scope Mounts

Rossi’s Reviews | BKL Technologies Scope Mounts In this episode of Rossi’s reviews, Rossi touches on one of the most important topics when selecting a scope which is picking out the right mounting system. To achieve optimal accuracy you have to start with the right mounting system for your scope and in this episode, Rossi […]