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Newbie Hunters Ultimate Guide to Hunting with Airguns

Beginners Airgun Hunting Guide Hunters generate $700 million annually for wildlife conservation, according to the RMEF Elk Network. These numbers prove that hunting is a key driving force in wildlife management. However, hunters must practice ethical and regulated hunting to maintain abundant and healthy wildlife, especially when hunting with airguns. If you have never hunted before, but are planning to start, […]

American Airgunner TV 2019 Ep 4 | Field Target with Airgun Champions

UK Field Target and Hunter Field Target Competitions This week on American Airgunner, Rossi Morreale is in the United Kingdom which is the birthplace of Field Target competitions. The crew is in Bisley, England at the Bisley Field Target Organisation which is also one of the biggest clubs in the country.  Field Target and Hunter […]

American Aigunner TV 2019 Ep 3 | Shot Show 2019

Shot Show 2019 In this episode of American Airgunner, Rossi Morreale is visiting with some of his favorite brands at the 2019 Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rossi begins the episode by visiting with Brocock checking out the all-new Commander Cerakote edition airgun.  This airgun comes with all the bells and whistles but can […]

American Aigunner TV 2019 Ep 2 | Father and Son Buck Hunt

Hunting Whitetail Deer with an Airgun On this episode of American Airgunner, Rossi Morreale and Rosco Morreale are hunting whitetails in Bowie, Texas at the StoneRidge Wildlife Ranch during the first-ever legal airgun whitetail deer hunting season. The guys will be hunting with 3 different versions of the AirForce Texan airgun. They have the Original […]

American Aigunner TV 2019 Ep 1 | Extreme Benchrest Shooting Competition

The Super Bowl of Airgun Events In the first episode of an all-new season of American Airgunner, Rossi is attending “The Super Bowl of Airgun Events” the Extreme Benchrest Shooting Competition. The Extreme Benchrest event takes place every year in Mesa, Arizona where competitors are shooting for a $5,000 grand prize! This competition draws shooters […]

Rossi’s Airgun Reviews | Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter

Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter During this segment of American Airgunner, Rossi Morreale is at StoneRidge Wildlife Ranch in Bowie, Texas talking about the features of a .25 caliber Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter. This gun is the Cadillac of air rifles, perfect for competition shooting, Rossi decides to take the Air Arms […]

American Airgunner | Matts Dubber’s Gift to David Belote

Giving Back For a Brighter Future In 2017 at Extreme Benchrest the Knockdown Silo Open Class Champion Matt Dubber was the epitome of a true sportsman, be gifting part of his winnings, an FX Streamline from Utah Airguns to a much younger and new competitor David Belote. Not everyone has a mentor or receives the […]