2013 American Airgunner Contestant—Bob Davy

I have been shooting for nearly 60 years, starting out with a BB gun given to me by my grandfather for Christmas one year.  Until adulthood, all of my experience with guns was for hunting and practice for hunting.  That changed when I enlisted in the US Navy where I learned to use firearms for defensive and offensive purposes.  After 2 tours of service in Vietnam, I became involved in competition in military rifle and pistol matches.  After military service, I became a police officer and continued competitive shooting in police leagues when other duties would allow me the time.

As an NRA instructor I have been fortunate to be able to teach riflery at Boy Scout functions and summer camps. My wife and I also participate in Cowboy Action Shooting and couples matches when we can find them.

While still in military service, I was introduced to airguns in Europe and informed that they were used there for police training and had a following of civilian marksmen in a lot of towns, which had leagues that competed against each other on a routine basis.

I have been interested for several years in promoting that idea in the United States.  Lower cost, ability to set up a safe range in limited space, and therefore less distance and travel time required to pursue the sport are attributes that make this sport appealing.  Couple this with the outstanding technical advancements of modern airguns and one can see that this sport is possibly the sport of the future.  

The time I spent competing in the American Airgunner Challenge was not only a lot of fun, but also very informative in that I was able to shoot a lot of airgun types that I had previously been unfamiliar with. The comradery of other shooters, and the professionalism of the crew of  5 Star Productions and sponsors of the event made my experience delightful. Being very safety-conscious, I was impressed with the procedures and care taken by the staff.

I hope to continue being a part of airgunning and wish to bring some of my talents to bear in various areas of the shooting sports by introducing new shooters to the joy of shooting as well as established shooters to the possibilities that airguns hold for practice and marksmanship development.

~Bob Davy