“The Switch” – 2014 Episode 6

“The Switch” – 2014 Episode 6

Original air date: August 6th, 2014


Rossi Morreale checks out the 2014 SHOT Show and Steve Criner is hunting deer in Missouri with a .50 caliber air rifle. Then, some of the guys are back at the Round Table for a discussion about the transition from firearms to shooting airguns.

At the SHOT Show this year, Rossi visited with many manufacturers this year, but its impossible to include them all. He does visit with our friend of years past, Gene Salvino of Air Venturi and with Richard Turner from our sponsor, Umarex USA, about the new Umarex Fuel Air Rifle. We ran into Ted Bier while at SHOT too, host of TedsHoldOver on YouTube and Chip Hunnicutt with Crosman gives us an update on the Marauder. And since we know that many of you haven’t shot full-auto firearms before, there’s a place in Vegas you might want to check out when you’re there next. As you’ll see, it’s a load of fun.

Would you switch from firearms to airguns? Why would you? This questions is posed at the Round Table and discussed by Rick Eutsler, Tom Gaylord, Jim Chapman, and Rossi. If you shoot firearms and haven’t considered taking up airguns, tune in to this episode’s round table.


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