Stalking Rabbits and Hunting with a Pellet Rifle

In this segment of American Airgunner, Steve Criner is looking to put some rabbit in the bag for a meal. He’s out with his trusty Umarex Octane .22 and a tin of RWS Superdome pellets.
The Octane is a powerful break barrel air rifle. With a little time behind its trigger you can get it shooting game up to 55 yards. Just ask the Dog Soldier.

You can get the Octane direction from the manufacturer here.
Or from the largest retailer of airguns here.

How to Hunt with Airguns

Watch and listen to airgun expert from American Airgunner TV Show to learn how, what, and when to hunt with airgun. Find when they say the first recorded hunt with an airgun took place. Which quarry can be hunted with airguns. Hear about the “bullets” used for a .458 Quackenbush air rifle. Where should you shoot your quarry and from what distance? Can you control pests with airguns or shoot a coyote or a deer?

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