All About Air Gun Scopes

Rossi Morreale and air gun experts Tom Gaylord the Godfather of Airguns, Jim Chapman the American Airgun Hunter and Tyler Patner from Pyramyd Air all talk “how to” about Scope Adjustments when shooting air rifles in this information-packed round table originally seen on Pursuit Channel. American Airgunner and its host and guests brings the forums to life. Did you know that scopes were not always adjustable? How to sight in a scope? How to select a scope? Watch all the way to the end. Lots of information for new and experienced shooters on the confusing topic of optics.

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Absolute Zero

Crazy Easy Air Rifle Scope Sight In

Absolute ZeroYou have to check out this new device, the Absolute Zero. It’s a precision sight-in instrument that uses two lasers to form a triangulation with the laser and point of impact. It makes sighting in your rifle real easy. Using two precision lasers it guarantees you hold your rifle in the exact same place for each shot completely eliminating hold error. Basically, you just have to worry about making sure your position is the same each time. It’s the quickest, most efficient, most accurate way to find your zero at 25 yards giving you the ability to sight in your rifle at 100 yards in just two more shots. The Absolute Zero™ saves you time.

Stalking Rabbits and Hunting with a Pellet Rifle

In this segment of American Airgunner, Steve Criner is looking to put some rabbit in the bag for a meal. He’s out with his trusty Umarex Octane .22 and a tin of RWS Superdome pellets.
The Octane is a powerful break barrel air rifle. With a little time behind its trigger you can get it shooting game up to 55 yards. Just ask the Dog Soldier.

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WFTF is Field Target?

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How to Hunt with Airguns

Watch and listen to airgun expert from American Airgunner TV Show to learn how, what, and when to hunt with airgun. Find when they say the first recorded hunt with an airgun took place. Which quarry can be hunted with airguns. Hear about the “bullets” used for a .458 Quackenbush air rifle. Where should you shoot your quarry and from what distance? Can you control pests with airguns or shoot a coyote or a deer?

The Umarex SA10 with David Higginbotham

The Umarex SA10 is a semi-auto air gun that fires either BBs or pellets with features that make it look like a custom gun.
Remember, safety first. Engage your brain for touching or handling any gun, even an airgun. Do not show an airgun in public.

Airguns for Self Defense

Would you use an airgun for self defense?
You can buy replica air pistols and handguns for self defense practice and handgun training drills from companies like
This is just one #AirgunnerTV video on the subject about utilizing air powered guns to train and practice self defense techniques and handgun drills. Airguns can be used to practice concealed carry, draw from holster, proper handling, grip techniques, target acquisition, trigger control, gun control, and most importantly safe handling. While practice drills are numerous, this video with Mike Seeklander and Rossi Morreale cover just some of the drills you can do to better your handgun skills using an airgun or airsoft pistol.

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Plain and Simple – Steve Criner Podcast

Check out Steve Criner’s latest Podcast!

The Colt Peacemaker

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Growing up watching Bonanza, Gun Smoke, Big Valley and John Wayne movies, I’ve had a fascination with the six shooters and lever action rifles. Decades ago airgun manufacturers designed and sold Cowboy style replica air pistols. Over time these models faded away when Westerns became less popular.

Colt Peacemaker_1Upon receiving a 2015 Umarex USA catalog in late 2014, I was stunned to see an airgun replica of the Colt Single Action Army (also known as the Peacemaker). My first thought was “There’s now a companion piece to my Walther Lever Action pellet rifle!” Our sample Peacemaker arrived on December 31st, 2014. It was an incredible honor as I read a note from Justin Biddle, Director of Marketing at Umarex USA saying “You and Tom Gaylord got the first two production samples, yours nickel, his blued.”

Upon opening the colorful box and handling the Peacemaker, I estimated that with its size and quality, the airgun would probably retail around $200. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned the MSRP was $150. As an announcer once said at the beginning of the Lone Ranger show “Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear” as we take a quick look at this replica of the classic Colt Single Action Army. Not only does this airgun replica look and feel like its firearm counterpart, it functions in many of the same ways!

Colt Peacemaker_2After loading a BB into the primer end of each simulated metallic cartridge, they are loaded into the air pistol by swinging out the loading gate. With the Colt on half-cock the cylinder is manually rotated clockwise to load each cartridge into the cylinder. After each cartridge is spent, the functioning ejector rod can be used to remove the cartridge from the cylinder.

One departure from the original Colt Peacemaker’s design is the addition of a safety located in the front of the trigger guard. The safety is simple to operate and does not really detract from styling. Powered by CO2, the 12 gram capsule is housed in the grip frame. Also built into the inside of the grip is an Allen wrench for conveniently installing or removing the CO2 capsule.

On a cool 65 degree day, the Colt produced a initial velocity of just over 400 fps.  By shot 42, the velocity was at 367. An average of 372 fps was achieved during the test session. Firing the 6 shots from the Peacemaker can be accomplished quickly. The air pistol has the traditional front and rear sight and begs to be used as a point and shooter.

While loading BBs into each cartridge takes longer than actually firing them, I was happy to learn that extra cartridges will be available in the future. Just imagine having the bullet loops in your holsters belt filled with pre-loaded air pistol cartridges.

After several months of use, the air pistol  functions and looks just as well as it did when I opened the box. There is now minor wear marks that will be found on the cylinder after the hundreds of shots, but that only adds to it character.

Colt Peacemaker_3On New Years day 2015, after of watching the Lone Ranger with my son Ben, we started a campfire in the back yard, cooked sausages and eggs on a cast iron pan. After our meal we spent quality time shooting cans with the Peacemaker. Maybe that will be our new New Year’s tradition.

You may want to pick up one of these CO2 powered replica Peacemakers to introduce the younger generation to the elegance and functioning of a single action revolver. The youngsters may even learn a little history of the old west. And perhaps you’ll be able to start your own traditions too.

by Tim Smith (A single action guy in a semi-automatic world)