“DIY Airgunning” – 2014 Episode 9

“DIY Airgunning” – 2014 Episode 9

Original air date: August 27th, 2014


Host, Rossi Morreale is building a “silent” pellet trap and hunting in Africa with an Airgun is what Jim Chapman has for you in this episode. Plus, the airgun experts at the Round Table provide guidance on pellet selection, or are they bullets? Finally, Rick Eutsler shows Rossi three handguns that are action pistol replicas of a 500 year old firearm company.

More on this Episode:

Chapman hunts for guinea fowl and warthog in Africa with Hounslow Safaris.
Round table is about hunting calibers for large game an predators.
Hunting with big bore airguns is a growing opportunity as more and more states consider airguns for certain quarry.


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