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Glenn Elliott, the Airgun Man

Glenn Elliott has hunted turkey exclusively with pellet guns since 2010. He began airgun hunting at an early age with his father. He grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where his dad gave him his first airgun at the age of four, a Daisy Red Ryder BB. At age eight, Glenn’s dad gave him a Crosman 760 Pumpmaster. After his father’s death Glenn spent many hours in the woods with his airgun as a way to connect with his Dad. Glenn later bought a Sheridan Silver Streak .20 pellet gun and the local golf course squirrel population was never the same.

Airgun hunting took a back seat to college, but afterward Glenn took a job in Grand Rapids Michigan where he fell in love with bowhunting whitetail and eventually turkey. Glenn took all of his bowhunting whitetail knowledge with him in a move to California and applied that to bowhunting turkey. After many years of bowhunting turkey Glenn determined there must be a better way, but shotgun hunting just didn’t seem like a challenge after going after them for so long with a bow. After setting aside his skepticism, Glenn decided to give pellet guns a try since they were legal in California for turkey. After taking his first gobbler in 2010 with a gas piston air rifle and dropping it in its tracks, he was hooked and knew immediately he had found the holy grail of turkey hunting.

After several years of air rifle turkey hunting, Glenn says that hunting turkey with an airgun is not only the most challenging form of turkey hunting, but also the most deadly. He often explains how airguns offer less chance of wounding a turkey when compared to both bow and shotgun hunting when done properly by taking only headshots within range. Waiting for a good close headshot makes air guns the most exciting form of turkey hunting and results in a clean miss or clean kill and less chance of wounding the bird.

Glenn’s hunts can be seen on YouTube under “Pellet Gun Turkey Hunting Television”. His long term goal is to host his own TV show focused exclusively on hunting with air guns for different species all over North America.

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