“Huntin’ with Slinkies” – 2015 Episode 12

“Huntin’ with Slinkies” – 2015 Episode 12

Original air date: September 16th, 2015



Shooting with Airguns and Airsoft guns can increase skill level and develop confidence. Join us as we catch up with shooters who attended an Airgun 3-Gun and Steels shoot hosted by Umarex USA and Shoot Right in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Stay tuned as airgun experts join Rossi Morreale to talk about hunting with spring powered airguns like the Umarex Octane and watch as Steve Criner puts that talk into action for Wyoming cotton tails with a Ruger Yukon. As a bonus, Rick Eutsler and Rossi review the Air Arms S510 Sporter.

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