2013 American Airgunner Contestant—Jason Baggett


Born and raised in Western Arkansas, Jason Baggett, has been involved in the outdoor industry at various levels since the age of 19, with a preference to professional fishing. From local ponds, to regional tournaments and now to the level of National Tournaments. Prayers were answered, doors began to open, and Jason took a huge leap of faith, departing from the 40 hour work week in a cubicle, to pursue a passion and desire for the outdoors. His personality provides those around him with unique, humor related content is more than apparent when you have a conversation with him. His love for family, faith and outdoors overflows from his character.Jason Baggett

Jason competes in the Bassmaster Central Opens as a Pro, writes and blogs for his personal website, as well as magazines and industry websites and blogs. His passions and desires are quickly becoming a platform for him to share his testimony at civic and youth events, wild game banquets, and churches across the South. He is no stranger at large outdoor events where he has worked for several companies in a promotional and/or public relations capacity. When Jason is home, he spends time with his wife and their two sons in western Arkansas. He is an avid bowhunter (Turkey, Deer & Hog) and loves to chase pheasants in during the Fall.

Shooting abilities:

Jason’s preference is shotguns for bird hunting. His BB/Pellet experience is limited to his childhood days growing up on a farm. Mice and snakes were often the targets.

“Coming into the competition, I literally had no clue what to expect. I knew I would be shooting guns that I had no experience with, at least at a competitive level. I had watched every episode of past American Airgunner competition and based my practice on that, as well as thinking about how and what they would change to make it more interesting. From practicing timing of loading rounds, to proper aiming and shooting at varying distances, I have high hopes, and confidence.”

“All in all, the crew treated us like royalty from the moment we first met. No egos, no negativity, just honest encouragement and support. The entire experience opened my eyes to another world of shooting. I’m now a huge fan of this style of shooting, which is not only inexpensive to get into, but fun for the whole family. Actually, I now have as much if not more fun shooting airguns than I do the powder burners.”

~Jason Baggett