Jim Chapman – World Famous Big Game Airgun Hunter

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Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman – Big Game Airgun Hunter

Jim Chapman has hunted big game with firearms throughout the Western US most of his life. After college he moved to Europe, where he was introduced to high quality adult Airguns and the active airgun hunting culture in Britain. Returning to California ten years later, he started using these guns to hunt small game more seriously. In subsequent moves to Japan, Australia, and South Africa, he continued shooting Airguns along with firearms, hunting where and when the opportunity presented.

In the early 2000’s, Jim was introduced to precharged pneumatic guns, and started traveling extensively to hunt with them, working his way across the country. A couple years later he was introduced to the first of the modern big bore airguns, and this is where big game airgun hunting kicked in! Jim has taken big game in every State where Airguns are legal and conducted the first sanctioned big game airgun hunts in South Africa, returning for six safaris since.

Jim lives with his family in Minnesota and travels throughout the US and abroad to hunt with Airguns. Besides his hunting, review, and round table segments for American Airgunner, Jim is the airgun columnist for Predator Xtreme and authors regular feature articles for the magazine. He also writes a monthly series for the UK based publication Airgunner. And his byline appears in Outdoor Life, Fur-Fish-Game, Game&Fish, and several other outdoor publications. Jim has appeared in several hunting DVD productions, and has been a guest on several nationally broadcasted radio programs.

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