“Pests, Targets, and Airguns” – 2015 Episode 9

“Pests, Targets, and Airguns” – 2015 Episode 9

Original air date: August 26th, 2015



Ever wanted to take care of that backyard pest? That’s the topic of discussion in this episode’s round table. Watch to learn if there are any airgun remedies that can be your #ProblemSolver. Join Rossi Morreale and Rick Eutsler as they take a look at the world class Air Arms Pro Sport air rifle. Then the godfather of airguns, Tom Gaylord, has a special “this old airgun”—you don’t want to miss this story chock-full of history. What kind of targets do you like to shoot at? Stay tuned for an outdoor segment on some of our expert’s favorites!

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