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Rick Ward, the Urban Airgunner

Rick Ward grew up on a small ranch in Texas where working horses and cattle were a way of life. Rick’s love for hunting started at an early age. After reading an article in a magazine on the challenges of calling coyotes, Rick’s interest focused on calling coyotes and less on trapping. Rick was given an old wooden hand call by a neighbor and he has never looked back.

Rick is a national award winning Professional Rodeo Announcer and Voice talent. You may have even heard him on some of your favorite outdoor shows. Rick’s journey on the rodeo trail has allowed him to hunt coyotes all across the U.S. Rick currently resides in Georgia with his wife of 25 years and has three children. He says coyote hunting in the South East is a real challenge due to the abundant food sources and thick cover.

Rick has guided hunts for several predator hunting videos. He is one of the founders of the Georgia Predator Hunting Association where he is the director of marketing. He and his team have worked with state officials and law enforcement agencies to get the laws updated to further support predator hunting and get suppressor hunting laws passed in Georgia.

It was not until Rick relocated to a more populated area that he primarily started using PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) rifles and became known as The Urban Airgunner. Of course, he had experiences with BB guns and multi-pump air rifles; however, in order to take predators humanely he transitioned to the more powerful PCP rifle. In addition to hunting, air guns allow Rick and his family to hone their marksmanship skills and enjoy hours of shooting entertainment whether it may be a PCP rifle, a multi-pump or CO2 powered gun. Or even one of the favorite childhood BB guns when a friend’s child comes over for an adventure.

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