Steve Criner – 2010 World Champion Predator Caller

About Steve:

Steve Criner – The Dog Soldier

Steve Criner is one of the most head strong outdoor personalities in the outdoor television industry today. That’s exactly why he hunts Extreme Predators! With over 20 years of hunting experience, Steve developed an addiction to calling wildlife in close at a young age. This addiction sparked his interest in predator hunting. Steve’s involvement in extreme sports like bull riding, bull fighting, motorcycle racing, and rodeo solidified the fact that he craves excitement and hunting predators was a perfect fit!

In 2013, American Airgunner asked Steve to join us in the pursuit of airgun hunting. From a mean wild boar to troublesome birds, Criner will show us the challenges of hunting with both PCP and springer air rifles.

Whether Steve is hunting gators in Florida, rattle snakes in Texas, shooting coyotes and bobcats in the red dirt of Oklahoma, or noodling catfish in Arkansas, Steve feeds off the fact he is taking you along with him through his TV productions. Plain and simple, if it’s exciting you’re going to know it and feel like you’re right there with him.

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