American Airgunner RX Target

Air Rifle Competition Target’

Air rifles lend themselves to a variety of shooting opportunities. From developing marksmanship, to hunting, to just plain plinking. Sighting down the barrel of an air rifle is tons of fun, and choosing the right target for your range time is an important factor to make the most of your shooting experience.

Friendly Competition

If you love to shoot air rifles and you love competition, then the American Airgunner’s brand new Dead Eye Dual Challenge by RX Target Systems is just the ticket for you. Specifically designed for the 2020 season of the American Air Gunner Challenge, the Dead Eye Dual Challenge target is designed for a twenty five yard range and lots of smiles.

This unique target is designed as a two shooter competition target, and is the perfect setup for plenty of fast paced friendly competition. Accuracy and speed are combined in friendly competition to determine the victor with this air rifle challenge, as a race to the middle. The Dead Eye Dual Challenge features three color-coded flip down style targets arranged from left to right: red, tricolor red / white / blue, and blue.

The object of the game is for each shooter to shoot their color target (i.e., Red Team or Blue Team), from outside and working inward flipping down the target paddles for positive hits. Be the first to drop the center white target, and you win! Going “mano a mano”, standing shoulder to shoulder with your air rifle friends, and taking aim at the American Airgunner Dead Eye Dual Challenge target creates heart pounding competition that requires both speed and accuracy to win.

Moving from a smaller, more precise target on the outside, to larger targets in the middle, the Dead Eye Dual Challenge air rifle target incorporates focus and accuracy under pressure with speed and agility.


American Airgunner Dead Eye Duel Challenge

An Air Rifle Target Built to Last

RX Target Systems works to develop exactly the target you need at precisely the moment you need it. Through precision machining and quality materials, RX Target Systems has developed a line of air rifle targets that will last shot after shot.

Having multiple shots on target before needing to reset allows for more time with your rifle, and less time dealing with your target. The 25 meter Dacron reset cord allows for going “best two of three” without even having to walk to the target.

The Dead Eye Dual Challenge target is built with long lasting stainless steel faceplates and reset arms. You can choose either the 10-gauge drop down paddle option (limited to 30-foot pounds) or the ¼ inch drop down paddle option (limited to 45-foot pounds).

Manufactured to be solid, robust, and dependable, but portable and adaptable at the same time, RX Target Systems has built an amazing platform for air rifle gunners looking to sharpen marksmanship, and enjoy friendly competition with friends and family.

Have Target, Will Travel

Air rifles lend themselves to a variety of shooting applications. Shots from an air rifle are virtually silent and there are zero fumes or emissions from burning gunpowder or primers. Portable and safe to shoot in a diverse range of locations with a safe backstop, air rifle fun is easy to share. Pack along two air rifles and the new Dead Eye Dual Challenge target for your next camping trip, barbeque, or day at the lake. Find yourself a safe and responsible place to shoot, and let the fun begin!

The Sig Sauer Virtus AR Air Rifle

Sig Sauer Virtus Unboxing Review by American Airgunner

Sig Sauer’s highly anticipated AR platform air rifle is finally here and ready to rock and roll. The Sig Sauer Virtus rifle is based on their rock solid MCX platform to produce a reliable, dependable, and accurate air rifle for today’s air gunner. Unboxing the Virtus rifle, and putting it through its initial paces, American Airgunner has some key takeaways and first impressions of this fantastic new rifle.

Unboxing the Sig Sauer Virtus

Fit and Feel

First impressions can be critical, and the Virtus does not disappoint. This rifle is a Sig! Built with quality machining, perfect component fit, and the 7.5 pound weight of a quality firearm, it’s obvious from the start that the Virtus is a quality weapon. Balanced and ergonomic, the rifle feels good in the hand, is made to go to the shoulder, and is easy to aim.

Sig Sauer Virtus Specs

Sig paid attention to detail and built the Virtus with an abundance of standard options. 

  • PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic)  This rifle operates from a high pressure (3,000 psi) regulated air tank. Offering around 200 shots per charge, and consistent pressure for accuracy, the MCX Virtus PCP doubles the muzzle energy from classic CO2 models. 
  • Caliber & Velocity  The Virtus is chambered in the popular .22 caliber, offering some flexibility with pellet weights and options. The Virtus is based on 11-12 ft/lb of energy, coupling the PCP regulator with pellet weight, and the muzzle velocity runs between 500 fps up to 700 fps depending on projectile weight.  
  • Sights and Accessories  Sig’s standard, rock solid, adjustable flip up sights come standard on the Virtus air rifle, and provide accurate target acquisition. M-Lok attachment points, and a top picatinny rail provide trigger forward access points for any variety of accessories, including optics, lasers, flashlights, bipods, and sling attachments. 
  • Rapid Pellet Magazine (RPM)  The RPM developed by Sig Sauer is a 30 round belt-fed pellet magazine, which is capable of delivering 30 rounds in 3.5 seconds. The RPM detachable mag has proven to be reliable and trouble free. 
  • Semi-Automatic Action  The Sig Virtus is built on Sig’s unfailing trigger group to operate the semi-auto action, providing the feel of a centerfire rifle with the convenience and versatility of an air rifle.


Putting the Sig Sauer Virtus Through Its Paces

  • Charging the PCP tank from zero pounds of pressure to 3,000 pounds took just under 5 minutes with a high pressure air compressor, allowing for up to 200 shots on a fully charged tank. 
  • The RPM magazine’s simple, yet robust, design makes it easy to load. The magazine locks into the rifle’s action solid and sturdy, and it’s ready to roll.  
  • Accuracy is quickly apparent when you put the Virtus to work. Balanced, quick to the target, and solid to the shoulder, the Virtus is a pleasure to shoot. Plinking one shot at a time, or rapid-fire semi-auto magazine dumps both provide reliable accuracy on target. 


Final Thoughts on the Sig Sauer Virtus Air Rifle

Sig Sauer has done a fantastic job creating an air rifle line that stands up to the Sig name. By developing the Virtus air rifle on the proven Sig MCX platform, the new air rifle offers tested performance and accuracy to the modern air gunner.  

The Virtus will really shine for anyone wanting to put in more time at the range, practice economical shooting discipline, or develop trigger finesse and dexterity. While it’s a practical rifle for the range, the Virtus could easily fill the niche of an awesome varmint rifle for camp or the ranch too. American Airgunner’s initial impressions of the Sig Sauer Virtus air rifle can be summed up as…impressive!