2013 American Airgunner Contestant—Tristan “Mr. Loco” Overgaard

Tristan, or better known as the West Coast rapper Mr. Loco, is an avid shooter of both firearms and airguns! His first gun was a Red Ryder BB gun when he was 5 years old, he’s owned a few more since then, but it wasn’t until 2011 that shooting really became a part of his everyday life. He shoots CO2 action pistols mostly and claims to send projectiles down range 20-30 times a month. His favorite shooting positions are off-hand and kneeling.

Mr Logo Tristan Overgaard

Tristan is a family man with three children who obviously likes music, but also enjoys movies. When asked what he’d do if he earned the $5000 prize, he said he’d pay bills, probably buy another gun or two and invest in music.

Besides shooting, Mr. Loco is known in the underground rap scene for his solo and his work with groups like Badd Blood, Wize Guyz Global, as well as numerous collaborations with well known rap legends. He is currently signed to the New Jersey based label “Who?Mag Distribution”, which is the label behind the Hip Hop show “Who?Mag TV” and the legendary collabo album, “The Just Ice and KRS One EP”. However, Mr. Loco put down the mic for a while to showcase his shooting skills, have a good time, and hopefully win $5000! So get ready, because now is the time to GO HARD OR GO HOME!!

~Tristan Overgaard, aka Mr. Loco